Feature Overview

Chef Lyf is an app which creates a social community for creating & sharing your homemade recipes in an easy way

Explore food with ease

We provide a constant feed of original recipes, with easy discovery of relevant recommended content

Tailor-Made Content

Our recommendation algorithm shows you content that you'll like based on your preferences and browsing patterns.

Integrate your Food Circle

Follow your friends & top influencers and see what they are cooking to gain inspiration

Shop ingredients on the go

Shopping basket is a one-stop solution to save all the ingredients and checkout at once, making your spontaneous dinner decisions possible

Make bread, Earn bread

Post your recipes as a passion - but why not get paid in the process by fans that get access to premium private subscriber-only content

Access to Premium Content

Love a particular chef? Why not shower some love on them and get access to premium authentic content. Get no ads on opting for a platform-wide subscription

ChefLyf is coming soon!

Looking for inspiration on what to cook? Would love to share your cooking wisdom?

We've got you covered.